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The fastest solution is often the least costly option in the long term. In business and personal matters, we aim to deliver an efficient and cost effective resolution that is in your best interests.


We are fully compliant and registered with the National Mediator Accreditation System and Mediator Standards Board, and registered with the Australian Mediation Association and Resolution Institute. Our experienced team brings a wealth of skills and empathy to assist you in reaching a quick and effective solution. 


We can assist you with the following avenues of dispute resolution:

  • Negotiation and mediation

  • Arbitration towards an enforceable agreement

  • Commercial litigation

  • Bankruptcy

  • Winding up companies and insolvency law claims


Whether you are operating domestically or internationally, our experienced team will advise on strategies to enhance your commercial objectives and minimise risks. We will work to protect and serve your interests in all dispute matters, whether by providing a forum for each party to convey their grievances or by guiding you through the litigious alternative.

We can mediate in matters relating to the District Court and Supreme Court of New South Wales, Federal Court, Family Court or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. 

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