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Our associated firm, City Notaries, offers diligent and efficient notarisation services in Sydney CBD.

Shahen Davityan, principal solicitor and public notary can provide the following notarial services:


  • Certifying copies of original documents.

  • Verifying/certifying Company documents and ASIC database details.

  • Verifying identities and/or signatures.

  • Witnessing signatures to local and international documents e.g. Transfers of land.

  • Administering oaths for the giving of evidence.

  • Preparing Notarial Certificates of Law & Good Standing.

  • Taking Affidavits, Declarations & Depositions.

  • Noting and Protesting of Bills of Exchange.

  • Preparation of Ship Protests.

  • Apostille Certificates.

Shahen is also fluent in Armenian and Persian languages. If you have a document in one of these languages that needs to be notarised, our office may be able to assist you without requiring a notarial certificate, saving you time and costs.

Contact our friendly team today for a quote or if you have any queries by visiting

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