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  • Shahen Davityan

ACCC sues Google for Collecting Australian Users' Data without Informed Consent

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched legal action against Google for the collection of Australian user data without people's informed consent.

The ACCC alleges that Google has collected "potentially very sensitive and private information" using technology that tracks a user's internet browsing history on non-Google sites, and combined it with the personal information in users' Google accounts. This has allowed Google to make a profit by delivering more targeted advertising, without properly informing users.

The ACCC has stated that "millions of Australians have been affected", and that any website or mobile application that used Google ad technology has been affected, which includes "the vast majority of websites".

The ACCC alleges that Google mislead consumers in 2016 when it changed its privacy policy and its data collection technology. Users were prompted to click an 'I Accept' button to consent to the changes without explaining the significance of the changes. ACCC also claims that Google changed its privacy policy without obtaining consent from users, meaning that the privacy policy was misleading.



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