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  • Shahen Davityan

Increased Visa Application Fees

Effective July 01, 2023, the Department of Home Affairs has implemented an increase in the visa application charges. The new charges shall apply to all visa application received by the Department starting on the mentioned date. The increase in the visa application charges will range from six percent (6%) to forty percent (40%) depending on the visa classes.

Take note that the visa application charge is the amount in Australian dollars (AUD) that must be paid for a visa application, although in some cases the visa application charge is nil or no visa application charge.

Thus, the newly-implemented increases are allocated in various visa subclasses and the equivalent percentage increase in the visa subclasses are as follows:

  • Visitor, working holiday, work and holiday, training, temporary activity and temporary work (short stay specialist visa) – fifteen percent (15%);

  • Business innovation and investment visas – forty percent (40%);

  • Other visas – six percent (6%); and

  • Pacific Engagement Visa and Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Visas – Exempt from increase.

Such increases are intended to boost the current earnings of the Australian government by $665 million for over five (5) years from 2022/2023.

The Visa Pricing Table has different categories to determine the purpose of your visa application, more importantly the prices or charges required to be paid.

You may find the current visa table, listing all the available visa class and the corresponding amount of charges here.

In addition to the current visa charges, it is advisable to be mindful of the surcharges, and fees and charges for other services that you may incur in the course of your visa application.

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