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Verde Lawyers is a law firm located in the heart of Sydney. We specialise in Migration Law, Commercial Law, Family Law, Wills and Estates, Property Law and Dispute Resolution. 

Verde Lawyers is renowned for our diligent work ethic and maintaining a high standard of work to ensure that our clients will receive the best outcome. We are committed to prioritising the needs of our clients and helping them to understand the processes clearly. We work with a panel of knowledgeable Barristers who are experts in their respective fields. Our experienced and proficient team conducts every matter entrusted to us with a balanced approach and provide realistic solutions.

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Brar & Kambo and Anor [2020] FamCA 719

Our team had a successful landmark Family Court of Australia matter regarding parenting orders. When we were engaged by our client, Mr Brar, the father of Child X, he had no rights in relation to making decision about his child's wellbeing and no access to see his child following the death of Child X's mother. Child X was living with their maternal grandmother and uncle, who refused to allow Mr Brar to visit or speak to his child. The relevant authorities were unable to assist Mr Brar, and through no fault of his own, he was not allowed to see his child.

Our team worked on the matter diligently, making several successful Court applications and Mr Brar now has full parental responsibility for Child X, who lives with him and has developed into a happy, playful child with a close relationship to their father.

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